Laila To Liz | A Journey From Orphanage to Australian Team Captain


Formal Australian Women Cricket Team Caption LiZ, Journey from Orphanage to Australia Team Captain!

Formal Australian Women Cricket Team Caption LiZ

"Parents who dumped the girl after giving birth must be crying inside because they can't even meet their born daughter"

 There is an orphanage in Pune city of Maharashtra, which is called 'ShreevatsaAnathalaya'. A girl child was born on 13 August 1979 in an unknown corner of the city, the parents did not know that it was a compulsion, that they threw a piece of her liver in the cradle of this orphanage early in the morning, the manager of the orphanage The cute little girl was named 'Laila'.

 In those days an American couple named Haren and Sue came to visit India. There was already a girl in his family, his motive for coming to India was to adopt a boy. They came to this ashram in search of a handsome boy. They did not find a boy, but Sue glanced at Layla and fell in love with the girl after seeing her bright brown eyes and innocent face.

 After legal action, the girl was adopted, Sue changed her name from Layla to 'Liz', they moved back to America, but after a few years they settled permanently in Sydney.

 The father taught the daughter to play cricket, starting from the park of the house and going on to play with the street boy. His passion for cricket was immense, but he also completed his studies. She got a good chance, completed her studies and moved on. First she used to speak, then her bat started talking and then her records started talking.

Liz Achievements

  • 1997 - First match by New South Wales
  •  2001 - Australia's first ODI
  •  2003 - First Test by Australia
  •  2005 - 1st T20 by Australia
  •  eight test matches, 416 runs, 23 wickets
  •  125 ODIs, 2728 Runs, 146 Wickets
  •  54 T20, 769 runs, 60 wickets
  •  First woman cricketer to take 1000 runs and 100 wickets in ODIs

He was the world's number one all-rounder when the ICC ranking system was introduced.

 Australian captain! very nice!

 Participated in four World Cups - ODI and T-20.

 In 2013, his team won the Cricket World Cup, the next day this player said goodbye to international cricket.

  The International Cricket Council (ICC) has inducted Lisa Stalgar into its Hall of Fame.

 That's why it is said that every man comes with his own luck, the parents left the girl in an orphanage, but destiny first took her to America and then made her the captain of the Australian cricket team and made her one of the great cricketers of the world. made one.

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